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What Is The Best State To Live In?

High home-buying prices and the ever-so-draining bank account cost of living, may be driving people out of the most expensive cities to live in. When the wealthy have trouble affording a home living in their state, where do the rest of us go? The answer may surprise you! According to LendingTree Analysts, after reviewing more than 1 million mortgage requests submitted in the past year, potential home buyers have their eyes set on the South! Why the South? The South offers a lower cost of living, lower loan … [Read more...]

6991 Highway 98 Navarre FL

A Corner Lot in a high demand and fast developing section of Navarre is now available. The front 200' of depth is zoned Highway Commercial Development (HCD) and the back 70' is zoned residential R1 which can be used for holding ponds and possible parking. The front of this lot is right on the highway so its a prime location to build a business. This property is also in a high area so water should not be an issue here. 6991 Highway 98, Navarre, FL This property is near the new Walmart Neighborhood Market that … [Read more...]